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Article number: 3282000

Narrow model pin with two dowel pins, ideal for positioning in limited space.

 v-shaped profile suitable for use with close standing dies such as lower anteriors.

  • only one drilling needed for each die.
  • tapered shape glides easily into final position.
  • open-ended sleeve prevents clogging and simplifies cleaning.
  • reproducible positioning without vertical adjustment of bite.
  • small base thanks to reduced pin length (12.5 mm).

Metal sleeve


  • nickel-plated pin and sleeve - no oxidation.
  • precision fit with slight friction between pin and sleeve.

Precision guidance
A high-tech production technique makes the pin’s guidance so precise, the metal pin and sleeve both originate from the same lot. Continual precision adjustment of the production machine means these parts are never mixed. The precise matching of both components is noticeable in the technician’s accurate results.

General tips for processing:
Simplest production of a Split-Cast model using the Pin-Cast system.The drill-holes in the die can be also be made without the need for a pin-drilling unit. Just fit the Bi-Pin drill with the handpiece.

Bi-Pin short (13.5 mm): compatible with the Pin-Cast system base height.
Bi-Pin long (17.5 mm): compatible with the Pin-Cast system base height.



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