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SILENT EC2 -- "SILENT EC2 - Two workbench extraction unit Function & Performance Extraction ..." -- 05 October 2015
Angulated Screw Access Solution (Neoss) -- "The Neoss angulated screw access solution provides the freedom to design optimized screw ..." -- 09 January 2015
Dental Implant Surgery (Neoss) -- "  Overview of Dental Implant Surgery The Neoss Dental Implant System ..." -- 09 January 2015
EASY view 3D microscope -- "Renfert's EASY view 3D is an innovative video microscope featuring a 3D monitor, which is ..." -- 25 March 2019
GEO Expert Wax Set A. Bruguera (Renfert) -- "GEO Expert Wax Set A. Bruguera - Passionate about perfect restorations Function & ..." -- 09 January 2015
GLUMA Desensitizer -- "GLUMA Desensitizer - gaining victory over pain For over 20 years, one drop of GLUMA ..." -- 10 March 2018
IPS Style -- IPS Style The patented metal-ceramic material IPS Style offers dental ..." -- 07 July 2015
NeoGen Ti-Reinforced Membrane -- "Description The NeoGen™ range offers a new generation of non-resorbable titanium ..." -- 13 October 2017
Programat P710 -- " The Programat® P710 leads ceramic furnaces into the future with its unique cutting ..." -- 05 October 2015
Programat S1 1600 -- "The Programat S1 1600 is a compact furnace for the sintering of frameworks made of IPS ..." -- 19 June 2015
IPS PressVest is a phosphate-bonded universal investment »
Powerful, bag-free extraction unit with two independently »
  Dual purpose of Knee control & Desktop style  »
    Prophylaxis Set 1 Set-1643 A complete »
  Keralloy ECO CE 0546 Description: Keralloy ECO »
The Neoss angulated screw access solution provides the »
Durafill® VS – timeless beauty Durafill VS is a proven, »
Renfert's EASY view 3D is an innovative video microscope »
  With its compact design, the Programat P310 »
The Programat P510 combines high-tech and modern design in »
      With this compact, »
Color Coded Scribe Line For quick, accurate placement »
  REF:101505 Disposable mixing tips »
Unparalleled strong connection All Neoss »
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Ever since AL SAWARI was founded, in every transactions and dealings, attached is always the formula of building relationship and mutual trust to its clients, as it is the company’s belief that “our clients are the reason of our existence and prosper”.

In this respect, the Department of Health & Services is one amongst, AL SAWARI has been able to apply this formula and succeeded to obtain the trust and good connections to its standard level. As, in this further respect, the most significant feature of health care (i.e. dental care unit) in the U.A.E. is the crucial importance of the role of the Department of Health & Services in evolving comprehensive system capable of rationalizing the contribution of all institutions providing health care services in the country and directing such to making quality health care comparable to that of the most developed countries accessible by the people of the U.A.E. The Department of Health & Services has also taken the responsibility of establishing national standards to control the quality of health care provision to meet the needs of the people. In recent years, the Department of Health & Services paid special attention to preventive health by developing strategies, programs and health education to cater for the said prevention and to raise awareness and promote health behavior to the public. Amongst who participated in these strategies/programs/health education is the Department of Dentistry that provided dental services, i.e. Comprehensive dental & oral health care to various dental centers and clinics in the districts and hospital dental services, much as well. Our Vision “To be recognized as the leader in the distribution network of high-quality dental products and supplies, and to become the preferred dental equipment solution provider for local and regional markets”.

Our Focus:

  • Finding new ways to reach and help our clients.
  • To work with each other as a team.
  • To meet client’s needs innovatively, as we are aware that our clients are the reason that we exist and prosper.
  • To understand the critical importance of our clients and effectively manage their problems.

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