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SILENT EC2 -- "SILENT EC2 - Two workbench extraction unit Function & Performance Extraction ..." -- 05 October 2015
Angulated Screw Access Solution (Neoss) -- "The Neoss angulated screw access solution provides the freedom to design optimized screw ..." -- 09 January 2015
Dental Implant Surgery (Neoss) -- "  Overview of Dental Implant Surgery The Neoss Dental Implant System ..." -- 09 January 2015
EASY view 3D microscope -- "Renfert's EASY view 3D is an innovative video microscope featuring a 3D monitor, which is ..." -- 25 March 2019
GEO Expert Wax Set A. Bruguera (Renfert) -- "GEO Expert Wax Set A. Bruguera - Passionate about perfect restorations Function & ..." -- 09 January 2015
GLUMA Desensitizer -- "GLUMA Desensitizer - gaining victory over pain For over 20 years, one drop of GLUMA ..." -- 10 March 2018
IPS Style -- IPS Style The patented metal-ceramic material IPS Style offers dental ..." -- 07 July 2015
NeoGen Ti-Reinforced Membrane -- "Description The NeoGen™ range offers a new generation of non-resorbable titanium ..." -- 13 October 2017
Programat P710 -- " The Programat® P710 leads ceramic furnaces into the future with its unique cutting ..." -- 05 October 2015
Programat S1 1600 -- "The Programat S1 1600 is a compact furnace for the sintering of frameworks made of IPS ..." -- 19 June 2015
IPS PressVest is a phosphate-bonded universal investment »
Powerful, bag-free extraction unit with two independently »
  Dual purpose of Knee control & Desktop style  »
    Prophylaxis Set 1 Set-1643 A complete »
  Keralloy ECO CE 0546 Description: Keralloy ECO »
The Neoss angulated screw access solution provides the »
Durafill® VS – timeless beauty Durafill VS is a proven, »
Renfert's EASY view 3D is an innovative video microscope »
  With its compact design, the Programat P310 »
The Programat P510 combines high-tech and modern design in »
      With this compact, »
Color Coded Scribe Line For quick, accurate placement »
  REF:101505 Disposable mixing tips »
Unparalleled strong connection All Neoss »
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Powerful, bag-free extraction unit with two

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GEO Expert functional

Interference-free, supported but positionally

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Programat P510

The Programat P510 combines high-tech and

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Variotime® – Freedom to impress You never linked

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Basic quattro IS

Basic quattro IS - Precision microblasting

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Company History

2011 The complete prophylaxis system, the MF-Cut multifunctional cutting instruments and innovative sets for the dental laboratory extend the product range. The new administration building will be inaugurated this year.


2010 Set-up of the electroplating technical equipment. Introduction of the interactive training programme. New products: fabric-reinforced separating discs.


2009 Successful International Dental Show Cologne MADC Depth Markers by Dr Mark J. Caldwell, EC-2009 Easy Chamfer - Optimal deep chamfer preparations, FlexiPol polishing discs, Z-Cut Dia


2008 Modernisation of the electro-plating division for special design products. A testing and production line is set for new dental instruments especially for processing zirconia. The construction of a new administration building commences in September.


2007 New products at the IDS: Preparation set for CEREC® veneers designed by Dr. KlausWiedhahn, EC-2007 Optimum deep chamfers, Kiddies in FG for minimally invasive preparation, Endo-Access-Kit, FG/RA Practice Check Instruments, MC251SFE-023 Millennium Cutter, Diamond strips, wide Porcelain set designed by Oliver Brix, PrimeCut SL- diamond discs with galvanically sintered edge, Zirconia set - this set includes special instruments for trimming high-performance ceramics innovatively.


2006 Workforce tripled since 1996. 14-02-2006 tenth anniversary of the company.


2005 New products at the IDS Diamond preparation burs with guide pin, NTI Millennium Cutter,TC burs in RAL round, laboratory bur stands improved in both function and design. Long Tissue Trimmer, tapered glass-fibre posts, custom form 370 in new grits. Minister President Dieter Althaus visits the company.


2004 NTI is awarded a certificate allowing the sale of goods in China. NTI supplies products to over 90 countries worldwide.


2003 New products at the IDS Tissue Trimmer, serrated diamond finishing strips, bur stands, introduction of the FiberMaster, one-step composite polisher, cross-cut tungsten carbide burs, KR milling tables, Instruments for trimming high performance ceramics such as zirconium.


2001 Increase in production levels through introduction of an additional work shift. The IDS sees the introduction of new and innovative products that simplify workflow for both dentist and technician. Oliver Brix and Jochen Peters help put together sets for dental technicians.


1999 The first packages are sent from the logistics centre at the end of January. New trade show concept presented for the IDS and international exhibitions. The sales department moves into newly renovated offices. The electro-plating control system is modernised. An electro-plating line for small series is set.


1998 Minister President Dr. Bernhard Vogel visits the company. NTI starts direct sales with its own sales force in Germany. Construction permission granted Building commences to expand logistics and sales department. The latest generation of colour coating machines acquired. Sliding rack for the logistics department integrated and workflow perfected.


1997 Investments improve the turning shop’s flexibility. NTI-Kahla GmbH participates in the IDS for the first time – a complete success. Product range expanded: HP Diamond instruments and diamond coated discs.


14-02-1996 Formation of the company NTI-Kahla GmbH, Rotary Dental Instruments. Efficiency of the electro-plating department increased. Modernisation of the disc manufacturing machine.

Certification Dental Surgery

ISO 9001:2012
EN ISO 13485:2011


Certification Laboratory

ISO 9001:2000
EN ISO 13485:2003/AC:2007


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