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IPS Empress System


For nearly 20 years, IPS Empress® has been associated with the highest level of esthetics in the reconstruction of dental defects. More than 40 million restorations speak for the durable lifelike appearance, the continuing success and the high quality standard of the material.

The IPS Empress System has been further developed and continues to enthuse users with decisive improvements in terms of esthetics, function and processing.

In 2004, the system was further expanded and optimized with the introduction of the new IPS Empress Esthetic pressable ceramic.

This was followed by the release of IPS Empress CAD in 2006, creating an opportunity for esthetic restorations to be milled using CAD/CAM technology now also

at the chairside. IPS+Empress+System+-+Dentist02-00IPS+Empress+System+-+Dentist03-00

IPS Empress Direct®, which was introduced in 2009, is the latest addition to the IPS Empress System. This composite material for direct restorative procedures provides dentists with the esthetics of a ceramic with the convenience of composite.

The 3 flowable IPS Empress Direct Flow "Art" materials have been launched in 2010 in order to enable users to optimally refine restorations fabricated with this material by

adding individual characterizations. In 2011, IPS Empress Direct Color will be introduced and supplied in

7 characterization shades. The opaquer IPS Empress Direct Opaque will round off the system range.


H i g h l i g h t s

Highly esthetic all-ceramic restorations

Proven ceramic material with a flexural strength of 160 MPa

20 years of experience with leucite glass-ceramics

Same materials composition for IPS Empress Esthetic and IPS Empress CAD


Adhesive cementation

The quality and durability of ceramic restorations can be supported by the use of the correct luting material. Therefore, trust the clinically proven Ivoclar Vivadent luting materials that have been tried and tested many times for the adhesive cementation of your IPS Empress restorations. Variolink II, Variolink Veneer and Multilink Automix.


Variolink II / Variolink Veneer

The dual-curing, highly esthetic luting composite Variolink II has provided excellent clinical results for more than 10 years. The light-curing Variolink Veneer is used for the cementation of veneers. Given the value concept, it permits a step-by-step brightening or darkening of translucent glass-ceramic restorations.

Multilink Automix

Together with the self-etching Multilink Primer A/B the universal all-rounder Mutlilink Automix can be processed quickly and efficiently. In addition to the convenient application and the wide range of indications, Multilink Automix provides excellent bonding values and good dentin sealing.

If the high-quality LED polymerization light bluephase is used, users may benefit from efficient processing times during cementation.


Professional care and aftercare

Same as natural teeth, high-quality all-ceramic restorations need regular professional care. This is beneficial for both the health of the gingiva and teeth, as well as the overall appearance. With the pumice-free polishing paste Proxyt pink, valuable surfaces are gently treated and maintained without abrasion.











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